MSU Guide – Navigating the Campus

Guide is an exciting way to explore and find your way around the MSU East Lansing campus. Designed at the Resource Center for Persons with Disabilities to help those with visual, spatial, and mobility disabilities discover their surroundings, Guide is interactive and provides real-time location-aware information about campus landmarks while remaining accessible and useful to all. Guide is uniquely ready to help students, employees, and visitors identify important campus landmarks using 3 core tools available when walking campus:

  • WAND - Point your phone at any building on campus to discover its name and more information including wheelchair accessible entrances.

  • MAP - A map that lets you view campus landmarks. Tap to drop a pin, then click on it to view a compass that locks on to the closest landmark under the pin.

  • SEARCH - Use the iOS home screen search function (Spotlight) to locate any campus building by name. Once you search and identify your building, simply select it and Guide locks onto it so you can always check where it is relative to where you are without needing a map. You can even use navigation from Spotlight results to view detailed directions to a landmark.

For more information and to download Guide check out iTunes.