John Prush

John  Prush
  • Deputy Director
  • Michigan State University Police and Public Safety, Management Services Bureau
  • 1120 Red Cedar Rd., Room 87 
  • MSU Police and Public Safety Building
  • st Lansing, MI 48824
  • 517.432.1942


MSU Police and Public Safety

Current Work

As Deputy Director of the Management Services Bureau, John Prush oversees the Access Control Division, Parking Division, Business Unit, Police Records Unit, Technology Unit, and Traffic Engineering Unit of MSU Police and Public Safety. The Traffic Engineering Unit determines the installation, proper timing, and maintenance of traffic control devices; plans and directs the operation of traffic on streets within the boundaries of MSU; establishes parking areas, designating limitation and use; and certifies the installation, removal, and/or authorization of traffic control devices and signs.


  • Campus infrastructure
  • Parking mobility & analytics
  • Traffic engineering