Wolfgang Bauer

Wolfgang  Bauer
  • University Distinguished Professor of Physics and Astronomy
  • PhD, Nuclear Physics, University of Giessen, Germany


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Current Research

Dr. Bauer’s work focuses on energy efficiency, integration of renewable power sources, mobility, big data, and computing. He has authored more than 200 publications and given more than 400 invited presentations in 24 countries. He is the author of several physics textbooks, which have been translated into German, Korean, Spanish, and Portuguese languages, and he holds four patents on cancer detection and course management systems. Among his honors are the 1992 National Science Foundation Presidential Faculty Fellow Award, the 1999 Alexander-von-Humboldt Foundation Distinguished Senior U.S. Scientist Award and the 2003 ComputerWorld 21st Century Achievement Award for Education and Academia.


  • Big data
  • Computing
  • Energy efficiency
  • Micro-grid management
  • Mobility
  • Renewable power systems integration
  • Sustainability